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"The Body of Christ"


 "Whoever eats my Body and drinks my Blood will live forever."   

If you are interested in serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the altar (during Mass), please contact our Deacon Couple at (626) 282-2744, ext. 333. 

If you would like to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to the Sick (the shut-ins in our parish), please contact Fred and Margaret Padilla at (626) 282-0943.  

If you are already an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and would like to download the latest schedule, please click here (X). 

Please let us know if there is someone who is confined to his or her home and unable to attend Mass with us on Sundays. We would be happy to arrange to have one of our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion bring Our Lord to those persons on a weekly basis (normally on the weekend). Please call the parish office at (626) 282-2744 and give us the person's information. 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are essential to the reverent sharing of the Eucharist.  Ordinary Ministers (bishops, priests, deacons) need assistance to make sure that all the faithful are able to share in this precious Sacrament.  In serving the faithful in these ministries, the Extraordinary Ministers are helping to build up the Church.  Extraordinary Ministers must be trained to minister in the parish; they should also have training from the Archdiocese.

This ministry brings the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to the Congregation and to the homebound. Service is normally required once each week for ministry at Mass and/or six times each year for home visits to the sick.  Baptized and Confirmed parishioners of mature age are eligible to serve. They should be persons who sincerely try to live the Gospel message in their communal and individual lives, and faithfully participate in the Sunday Eucharist.