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Ministered by the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the California-Arizona Province


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Hurray!  The directories are here!  Your patience has been appreciated! If the directory company took your photo, you will receive one for free.  Also, if you submitted a photo for the family section AND pre-paid the original fee, you will receive one for free.  You may pick yours up at the office during our office hours.

For anyone else who would like to purchase a copy, they are $20 each (if you submitted a photo but did not pre-pay, you will now need to pay $20.  The reason is that when we first asked for the $7 prepayment fee, it was not expected that the books would be 110 pages.  However, since they are, our price has increased significantly). If you would like to order one, please go to the website link, NEWS/EVENTS > WHAT'S HAPPENING.  Under the article PARISH DIRECTORIES, there is an order form.  Just fill it out and submit it with $20 cash or a check for each copy you would like.  You will be notified when it arrives.  NOTE:  Being in one of the group photos does not automatically get you a free copy, but--as stated above--you may purchase a copy for the $20 fee.


We would like to welcome our new school principal, Mrs. Alma Cornejo, who will begin working at St. Therese Carmelite School this Fall for the 2015-2016 school year. If you would like to welcome her or ask her any questions, please feel free to email her: stsprincipalcornejo@gmail.com.  

Mrs. Cornejo has a broad academic background, with over twenty years of teaching experience in both public and private Catholic schools, as well as in home-schooling.  In the last fourteen years she has taught Algebra I, Algebra II, Latin, Apologetics, and Religion at a private Catholic school. She also served on the administration of that school for eight years, overseeing student discipline and campus safety and helping to supervise and mentor a staff of thirty.  She authored both their Parent and the Student handbooks. Under Mrs. Cornejo’s leadership as head of the WASC committee in 2008, the school received an unprecedented six-year term from both WCEA and WASC for its initial accreditation. In 2014, she again steered the committee, resulting in another six-year term of accreditation.  She is bilingual and has taught English as a Second Language and Mathematics in LAUSD. 

She holds an A.A. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Human Development and an M.A. in Psychology, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. She also holds a PPS credential and an M.A. in School Counseling.  She has worked as a marriage and family therapist with Stillpoint Resources for five years.  Mrs. Cornejo grew up in the San Fernando Valley, the oldest of five children. She is a devoted wife and the mother of five children, ages eleven to thirty.  With her abundant experience and  her passion for excellence in Catholic education, Mrs. Cornejo is a valuable addition to St. Therese School. 


FROM THE PASTOR, FR. PHILIP SULLIVAN, OCD: With the collaborative help of our Provincial, Fr. Stephen Watson, the Carmelite fathers and I continue to be deeply committed to excellence in Catholic education.  Building on this foundation and the previous success enjoyed by St. Therese School, together we will be undertaking some positive steps in the upcoming 2015-16 academic year. We promise to foster Catholic identity, incorporate Carmelite spirituality, and enhance our curriculum for the benefit of our students and their families.   

As pastor and spiritual leader of St. Therese Church and School, I am excited to share the following news with you:  We are blessed to be able to appoint one of our Fathers as chaplain of the school.  Fr. Leonel Varela will oversee our faith formation and, with his leadership, he will be a huge asset to all of our students, teachers, and their families. Also, we are pleased to announce that our Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles will be working together with the Carmelite Friars in our children’s religious education. Their contribution and presence to our school will be a wonderful addition to our exciting new vision!  

In addition, we will be adding components to our curriculum to embrace what is known as a Classical Model of Catholic Education.  This time-honored model integrates all of our subjects seamlessly with the Catholic Faith. It will enable all of our children to think logically and speak persuasively and will prepare them for whatever their future holds. I assure you that we will continue to honor our current curriculum. Many of our parish families have been requesting Classical Components/Electives to our current curriculum. This has been successfully done at other schools within the Archdiocese.  

And while we have great affection and gratitude for the work of our current principal, Mrs. Carmela Lovano, we have hired a new principal, Mrs. Alma Cornejo, who will help us attain the goals and changes of the new vision. Our new school principal is a woman with a strong faith, committed to Carmelite spirituality, and brings with her decades of experience in classical curriculum and Catholic education and administration.  The Carmelite Fathers are confident that our teamwork with Mrs. Cornejo during this transition will be respectful but with deliberate haste to bolster our already-existing curriculum.  

Good things are coming!  St. Therese School will continue to grow in excellence!  Understandably many of you have questions.  Answers are also coming. I have invited Mrs. Cornejo to attend our Spring Parent Meeting on May 18, 2015. However, I would also encourage you to email Mrs. Cornejo directly with any particular questions you may have ( stsprincipalcornejo@gmail.com).  In light of these upcoming changes, we would like to give our school families time to discern and pray about your return to St. Therese School. Therefore, we will extend the reenrollment date until after the Spring Parent Meeting on May 18, 2015.  

I ask for your prayers and patience in this time of transition.  I feel hopeful and encouraged with this wonderful work that we have undertaken.  Mrs. Lovano, Mrs. Cornejo, and I are a united force in making this transition successful for the sake of our children. With God’s grace, we will work together to prepare our children for God’s Kingdom and for God’s greater glory.  


“Creating the ability to think is our goal in a classical curriculum; we want our children to acquire the art of learning. It is not the number of facts they are acquainted with that measure the educational success, but what they are able to do with the facts: whether they are able to make distinctions, to follow an argument, to make reasonable deductions from the facts, and finally, to have the right judgment about the way things are.”  — Laura Berquist (Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum) 

A Classical Education: 

·   Teaches the Child How to Think 

·   Follows the Child's Natural Stages of Learning 

·   Takes Account of the Child's Individual Needs 

·   Supports the Spiritual Formation of the Child 

·   Allows the Parents to Play an Integral Role 

A Classical Education Creates: 

·   Learners who have the knowledge and ability to perform independent research. 

·   Students who are effective Communicators 

·   Students who are able to read and comprehend diverse written materials. 

·   Students who demonstrate rhetorical and analytical skills in their written work. 

·   Students who express themselves with confidence in written communication. 

·   Independent Thinkers 

·   Students who are able to analyze information, and form and explain their own opinions    

A classical education will give our children the beginning of the education every educated person in Western Civilization once received, a classical or liberal arts education. The idea is to educate the students so that they develops all the powers of their souls, and their minds are formed, strengthened, and developed.  The end of this educational process is wisdom. Man desires by nature to know, and that means we want to have not only the facts, but the reasons for the facts. We want to think about the most noble things, the most interesting in themselves.  Therefore, the goal of education is to teach children how to think; to help them learn the art of learning. If children learn how to learn, they will be to master any subject.  Thinking can be done well or badly, but one can be taught to do it well. In large measure, the role of the teacher of grade and high school children is this: teaching children to think well. It begins in wonder and aims at wisdom. 

The tools of learning, through which children learn the art of learning, are acquired by concentrating, at each stage of intellectual formation, on the areas of development that are appropriate to that stage in the child’s intellectual and spiritual development.  Further, all we do will be faithful to the doctrine and teaching of the Catholic Church, which shall enlighten and inform all the areas of the curriculum. 



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May 29-31, 2015

Come join the Men of St. Therese Parish on the weekend of May 29, 30, and 31, for our Annual Men's Retreat.  The Theme of the retreat will be “Family: Today and in our Catholic Tradition” and it will be conducted by the Carmelite Fathers at El Carmelo Retreat House in Redlands:  Fr. Adam Gonzales, OCD, Fr. Raymond Bueno, OCD, and Brother Jason Parrot OCD. The rate for the weekend retreat is $170 (shared room) or $195 (single room) which includes a private bath, family-style meals, and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The retreat also includes the Sacraments, Conferences, private consultations, etc. A non-refundable $50 deposit (check or money order made out to El Carmelo) is required to reserve your room. For reservations and/or information, contact Jack Day at (323) 722-9339  or Dean Tweedy at (626) 712-3452.



The Discalced Carmelite Friars have had a professionally-produced video made that promotes vocations to the Carmelite Order.  Check it out by clicking here (x).  



Financial Help Needed!

As you can see, we have installed the first section of a new iron fence on the church side of the parking lot.  The chain link fence was installed decades ago and is in very bad condition. If you can help with a gift, we would be most appreciative!   Thank you to those who responded to date to our request and made donations. God bless you, Fr. Philip Sullivan, O.C.D., Pastor.OLUNTEER APPRON CELEBRATION PHOTOS! 

FLORAL DEDICATIONS - If you would like to honor or memorialize a loved one AND help to beautify the church at the same time, then take advantage of our Floral Dedication Program. You may choose the kind of flowers and the colors for not only memorial remembrances, but also for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, weddings, baptisms, get-well wishes, etc.  For each dedication, a notice will be posted in the bulletin (on the Mass intentions page) under “Floral Dedication” and will include your loved one’s name and the occasion. Bouquets are $40 and up each  (actual cost of the flowers). In order to schedule a memorial or a dedication, please contact Giovanna Setiady at (626) 281-9049.