The next Cor Jesu Night will be Friday, December 20, with the theme of FAINT-HEARTEDNESS VS. FORTITUDE.

The next SERVICE OUTREACH, will be Christmas Caroling for the Elderly Residents of Santa Teresita in Duarte.  It will be held on Saturday, December 21 (we will leave the parking lot at 10:00 a.m. that day).



Calendar for 2019-2020

Cor Jesu is a program which ministers to both our Middle School and High School students. It includes a monthly service ministry to the homeless, etc.  Click here for a calendar with all the upcoming dates.

 REGISTER for Cor Jesu! Click HERE to download the form.

If Cor Jesu already has an up-to-date registration for you, only the fee is requested.  If you would like to be removed from the e-mail list, please contact Jackie Johnson at OR (626) 608-8157.

FEE: A fee of $20 per youth/child (for 2019-2020) covers pizza socials for the year (a maximum fee of $40 will be charged per any family with two or more youth/children registered).

Cor Jesu is a program which ministers to both our Middle School and High School students. It includes a monthly service ministry to the homeless, etc.  


2019-2020 theme: "GET HOLY"  

FOCUS: “Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins through

 Deeper Prayer, Virtue, and the Carmelite Saints”  


HIGHLIGHTS & CHANGES to the coming year's program 

1. More Social / Games 

2.  Marian Procession on our Kick Off 

3. "Lead Teams" of High School Teens (Skits, Testimonial, Night Prayer) 

     (St. Monica's Academy will be the September 27th "Lead Team") 

4.  Friar & Sister to present "Carmelite Saints" 

5.  +"Cenacles" - youth of the same age and gender meet with a mentor (monthly prayer/virtue Commitments) 

+"Cenacle" refers to the gathering of Mary, the Apostles and disciples awaiting the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.)  The Parent Cenacle will reflect on the coming Sunday's Gospel. 

6.  "VIRTUES IN PRACTICE" for children three years through Fifth Grade (Program by the Nashville Dominican Sisters, led by Maria Alejandra, Christine Pleuss, and Victoria Limon) - For more information, see 

Virtues in Practice - Nashville Dominicans: Virtues in Practice is a program for children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth to grow closer to Jesus by imitating His life and virtues. It is set up in such a way that the whole school will study the same virtue each month, to provide a whole-school- (and at home, whole-family-) focus.



  • 6:15 p.m.  ~  PIZZA SOCIAL 

            * Hall, outside tables, basketball court, ping pong 
            * TIME CHANGE ~ updated 

  • 6:45 p.m.  ~  HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th) and MIDDLE SCHOOL (6th-8th) 

            * Intro Skit, Mixer-Fun, Friar/Sister present Carmelite Saint, testimonials 
            * Cenacles with mentors = Gospel inspirations, deeper virtue & prayer, commitments

  •  8:15 p.m.  ~  HOLY HOUR & CONFESSIONS (helping youth and families encounter Jesus. All are welcome! Includes traditional Benediction, chants, soft praise music, Gospel Reflection, Compline

The 2019-2020 calendar can be found in the church on the tables by the doors or by clicking the link at the top of this page ("Calendar for 2019-2020").