"Potes Qui Vult" ("Where's there's a will, there's a way.")

The Legion of Mary's Queen Beauty of Carmel Catholic Discussion Group (also known as the Patricians) meets on a monthly basis to discuss various issues affecting or relating to the Church or to ourselves as Catholic people.

The group comes together on the first Saturday evening of the month--from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Parish Library (second floor of the Parish Center). Participants are free to simply listen or to add their opinions to the conversation. Bring a friend or meet new people! Refreshments are served at each event. For more information contact Greg Placencia at placenci@sbcglobal.net or (626) 282-5340.

Historical Background of the Patricians

The Society of the Patricians was formed in 1955 by an Irishman, Frank Duff,  as a special division of the Legion of Mary.  Mr. Duff (who also founded the Legion of Mary in 1921) envisioned the Patricians to be composed of well-informed Catholics who are eager and willing to defend their faith.   The purpose of the group is  to build up the religious knowledge of Catholic people, to teach them how to explain themselves, and to encourage them to apostleship.

The Patricians is “a child” of the Legion of Mary, for it contains the various characteristic elements which combine to form the Legion itself; it is a projection of the Legion system into the sphere of religious education. In this department, Mary presides. It was she who brought Jesus down and gave Him to the world. She has charge of all subsequent communications of Him to men. This dominance of hers is signified by the Legion altar, which must form the center-point of the Patrician meeting. The Patricians gather round her to talk about the Church in all its aspects, that is about Jesus who is present in their midst according to His promise. This is a high form of prayer which is made easy by the variety of the meeting; it would not be easy to spend two continuous hours in regular prayer. This is one reason why the Patricians spiritualize while at the same time instructs.

The term Patricians, like most of the other Legion names, is derived from the terminology of ancient Rome. The Patricians were the upper of the three grades of society, that is, the Patricians, the Plebes, the Slaves. But our Patricians aspire to bind all social grades into one spiritual nobility. Moreover the Patricians were supposed to be full of love for their country and responsible for its welfare. So our Patricians must be supporters of their spiritual fatherland, the Church. Unless the bishop declares to the contrary, non-Catholics may not attend the meetings.